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GT-installs do mobile smash & grab installations, we do 35% 100 micron tint smash and grab film on vehicle windows.
Smash and Grab installation done onsite. We also do film on building windows. We have a variety of building window films shades and styles available
Anti Smash and grab window safety film fitted onsite at your home or work – We come to you!

Unfortunately crime is a reality and happens on a daily occurrence. Fitting window film is a surefire way of safeguarding and protecting yourself, your loved ones and propert in your vehicle. it will also deter thieves from attempting to smash your vehicle windows.

Clear Film:

A transparent UV film used when you don’t want solar control and protection from vehicle smash and grab attacks is all you require.

50% Film:

This level of film provides both solar and UV protection. It will allow 52% of light in while blocking out about 29% of the heat.

35% Film: South Africa’s darkest Legal tint – As per South African National Road Traffic Regulations, 1999.

This film is what you need if you are looking for a higher level of solar protection. It allows in 38% of visible light, blocks out 34% heat and provides 99% UV reduction

Anti-Smash and grab  tint thickness:
100 Micron: This film holds shattered glass in place it also reduces the likelihood of personal injury will protect your property and deters smash and grab thieves.
150 Micron: 150 Micron is a thicker car window film and is designed to provide additional protection in the event of an accident or smash and grab incident. 150 Micron includes all the properties of its thinner version.
We also offer window tinting for offices and houses, we have a variety of designs, shades of film and colours to choose from. Please contact us to discuss your and Grab Tint to you vehicle?

What are the benefits of applying Anti-Smash and grab film?

Keep the valuables in your vehicle safe. Vehicle window film slows down a potential thief that wants to smash your vehicle window and grab whatever is on view.

Protects Your Occupants
In an accident situation, Smash & Grab Film holds broken glass in one place and shields occupants from dangerous flying glass shards and intruding debris. Smash & grab film will keep the occupants in your vehicle safe.
Protect The Valuables In Your Vehicle
Smash and Grab film acts as a deterant against smash & grab attacks. Anti -Smash & Grab Film acts like an invisible barrier that will slow down a potential criminal.


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